About The Farm

The farms gently rolling fields are located north of Lowell and have been in the Ryder family for 3 generations.  In 2018, fallow fields were mowed, lightly tilled and planted into cover crops to improve soil health.  In 2019, the farm started production growing select vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The goal of the farm is to produce vegetables that are:

  1. grown to organic standards, and

  2. grown for taste!

The 2021 growing season is upon us and some changes are in process.  The farm will be selling seedlings for the first time, and flower bouquets will be bigger and better!  Come visit us (by appointment) or find us at Fulton Street Farmers Market.

This weeks hopeful harvest  last updated: 6/5/21


Vegetables                                                                             Flowers                                                 Herbs

Tomatoes (Green Zebra, Moskvich, San Marzano,             Zinnias (Giant Coral and Ivory)           Basil

Yellow Pear, Sweetie, Sunrise Bumblebee: s/o)                Nasturtium (currently sold out)          Dill (s/o)

Peppers (Jalapeno, Anaheim, Poblano: s/o)                      Marigolds (currently sold out)            Cilantro

Cucumbers (Pickles and Slicers)                                        Sunflowers (Currently sold out)                 Zucchini (Cocozelle)                                                                                                                                Summer Squash   

Butternut Squash                               

Pumpkins (Tom Fox)   

Kale and Swiss Chard (sold out)


Radish: French Breakfast and Sora  (1st batch sold out, 2nd batch ready approximately 6/15)

Fresh Herbs     

Sage and Oregano