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About The Farm

The farms gently rolling fields are located north of Lowell and have been in the Ryder family for 3 generations.  In 2018, fallow fields were mowed, lightly tilled and planted into cover crops to improve soil health.  In 2019, the farm started production growing select vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The goal of the farm is to produce vegetables that are:

  1. grown to organic standards, and

  2. grown for taste!

Successful changes were made to the 2021 growing season.  The farm sold seedlings for the first time and flower bouquets were bigger and better!  Farming operations will pause for the next few years, however, fields will be planted with beneficial cover crops to improve soil health. 

This weeks hopeful harvest  last updated 12/3/21

Cool Beans! Farm is pausing operations for a few years while soil health is improved via cover crops.   Thanks to all who helped support the 2021 growing season. 

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